A key function of the Board is to create awareness about Islamic finance in the communities living in Canada. The Board educates its clients and the community through workshops, seminars, certifications and training programs by experienced and qualified professionals specifically tailored to suit the needs of the clients.



The Board offers certification to qualified Islamic finance practitioners.  These certifications will be provided in five areas: banking, investments, insurance, personal finance, and mortgages. The certifications aspire to achieve a high level of competence among the practitioners, thus guiding the industry towards standardization.  The details of certification are now available.

Click on the link to download the course outline:


Seminars & Workshops

The Board provides educational seminars and training workshops for executives of financial institutions, as well of practitioners interested in a more in-depth understanding of Islamic finance and Islamic finance products and services. As we have serviced many blue chip corporations, you may schedule a free public seminar for your organization by emailing us at info@islamicfinanceboard.com



There is a growing need to conduct research and analysis in the field of Islamic finance in Canada.  The current and prospective providers of Shariah-compliant products are currently operating with limited information and innumerable assumptions about the Canadian marketplace.  The Board provides comprehensive research services to its clients.  Furthermore, we encourage research and product development through regular blog posts on the subject of Islamic finance starting September of 2016.