The Board is assisted by two liaison officers, Mr. Khan, and Ms. Qazi. The bios of the support staff are given below.


Rehan Khan (Liaison)

Mr. Khan has MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance from the well renowned International Islamic University of Malaysia and Bachelors in Information Technology from York University, Toronto, Canada.

He started his career in financial services industry with Edulinx, a subsidiary of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), dealing with government sponsored student loans, where he worked as Interest Relief Analyst. He later joined hands with the principals of UM Financial, a firm providing Shariah-compliant mortgages in Ontario. He was responsible for marketing and later back office operations at UM Financial. He was part of the team that was instrumental in the rapid growth of the firm from an upstart to a $110 million asset-based company in less than 2 years.

Subsequently, he left for Malaysia to pursue his MBA in Islamic Finance. While in Malaysia, he worked as a research analyst and trainer for Kuwait Finance House (KFH), one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. He developed KFH’s in-house training program in consultation with their Shariah Board. During that time he trained over 100 conventional bankers in Islamic Finance and Banking.

Currently, he is responsible for liaising with the Shariah scholars from writing the initial product papers & contracts till the final Shariah endorsement stage. He also acts as an advisor to various Credit Unions in Ontario in developing Shariah-compliant financial instruments on both sides of the balance sheet. He is also working with Centennial College in Toronto to offer the well renowned Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) from the UK and make it part of the business curriculum.

Since 2006, Mr. Khan has been regularly conducting seminars and certification courses on Islamic Finance especially in the areas of debt & equity based instruments. He is frequently invited as a speaker at various conferences and by business schools at York University and the University of Toronto. His area of interest lies in training and product structuring especially in the re-engineering of conventional financial products into Shariah-compliant counterparts.

His formal education in Islamic finance and subsequent work experience in both conventional and Islamic financial institutions has given him unique exposure, both locally and abroad. He is passionate about developing the nascent Shariah compliant financial services industry in Canada. Mr. Saeed has written many white papers, most notably an original research white paper on a Shariah compliant Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) which was presented at a 4-day Islamic Banking & Finance Conference held in Toronto.


Tahmyna Qazi (Liaison)

Ms. Qazi has a Masters in Business from the well known Institute of Business Administration, the University of Karachi in Pakistan. She also has another Masters in Development Economics from Manchester University in the U.K. She is a seasoned banker with over 28 years of experience in the field of corporate finance, risk management, and financial systems development.

She started her career with Emirates Bank in the corporate finance department. After 2 years, she left for Banque Indosuez (presently Credit Agricole Indosuez) where she stayed for 7 years and worked at their Karachi and Bangkok branches in corporate finance as associate marketing manager and later as a risk analyst. Subsequently, she joined Faysal Islamic Bank as a senior vice president in Risk Management where she handled a portfolio of $800 Million, managing credit risk of 11 branches.

After arriving in Canada, she worked as Financial Administrator for the Noble Peace Laureate, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). She was responsible for setting up financial systems, reporting to the CEO and government and financial training of staff in 4 branches. After 3 years with MSF, she took a sabbatical of 2 years to study theology, shariah law, and Arabic language. Her background in finance led to an interest in Islamic Finance and after her sabbatical, she moved to the Islamic Finance field.

Ms. Qazi has a mix of banking, finance, administration, accounting and management experience, both in the corporate and the non-profit sectors. She has attended many conferences and seminars amassing a rich experience of financial & systems management. She is well-known in the community and is involved in many community-based, outreach and advocacy projects involving women and youth. She has been active in the Islamic Finance sector for the past decade and combines her interest in writing with her background in Finance to write a weekly blog on Islamic Finance. She has lived and worked in the U.K., Thailand, Pakistan, Canada and the U.S. and presently resides in Chicago.